Spa holiday

We’re back from our holiday in Slovenia. It was short and sweet. I was a tad sceptic about going on holiday with three small kids (with the youngest barely 2 months old!) in winter months but we really had a great time. This doesn’t mean there were no tantrums, messy meal times or time outs but there were certainly no more than we would’ve had in our normal week at home. And that alone makes this holiday a success. Because when you take three small kids on a holiday that involves a plane ride, hotel room with no toys and meals in a restaurant, you have to keep your expectations low.

We vacationed in a spa town called Dolenjske toplice. It’s a small town in Slovenia’s Dolenjska region with thermal spas and a few hotels. The hotel we stayed in was new and had a direct walkway to the spa complex with swimming pools, saunas and wellness centre. It had the most spacious room that we’ve ever stayed in which definitely helped with our general well being. Because with 5 people in one room, it’s hard to get any personal space. My greatest fear around staying in a hotel with all our kids is our sleeping arrangement. I am very fond of my personal sleeping space and don’t do well with my kids sleeping near me (apart from when they’re very little – I give them about 6 months), let alone in my bed. I put quite a bit of energy in getting the kids used to sleeping in their own bed and getting them to fall asleep without any rituals that would involve my prolonged presence and I have to say that my older two are now great sleepers. And David has been doing really well too, without much effort from my side. So having everyone in one room, sleeping within centimetres of each other is anxiety inducing for me and I was wondering if I’ll be getting any sleep. Thankfully, the room was so big that we were able to line up four beds and a crib wall to wall and we still had plenty of space. And with some adjustments, we actually slept really well.

Toys were not needed – we had the swimming pool (and nono and nona for a few days plus aunty Tanja and uncle Rok paid us a visit). Samuel and Lara loved swimming and it was amazing to watch Samuel being able to swim the width of the pool by himself, completely unaided. He’s a fish, this boy. William and I took turns taking one child swimming at a time and it was lovely having some one on one time with each of them. And to make this holiday really great, we took full advantage of their wellness facilities and we each enjoyed massages and other treatments while the other looked after the kids. So yes, you can have a relaxing time away with three kids. 😉

The weather also served us pretty well and we discovered some beautiful forrest walking trails in the vicinity. As we had rented a car I thought that we would drive around a lot more but we were actually pretty happy to just stay near the hotel. Only once we took a day trip to the capital, Ljubljana. And as with all good things, time went by too quickly. We’ll be back though, I’m sure. And until then, I have these photos to remind me of the great times we’ve had.

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