Dear David

My gorgeous boy, you are now 2,5 months old and absolutely precious. You have settled down so well, crying during nappy changes has been replaced by cooing and smiling and when you’re not tired and your tummy is full, you will happily sit in your bouncy chair and observe all the action in the house. In the evenings you go to sleep so easily, giving me and daddy some valuable quiet time. You’re getting big and strong, holding your head up nicely. There is honestly not one thing I would change about you.

When the house is full, I often have to put you down somewhere to assist your brother and especially your sister (or prevent them from doing anything silly). I often feel very guilty that you’re usually the one who has to wait but I only have two hands and that’s often not enough even with one child, let alone with three. So when Friday comes around and it’s just me and you, I hold you as much as I can. I let you sleep in my lap, because I don’t have to get up to clean up any spilled juice or referee between your brother and sister. I don’t mind spending most of the day carrying you in my arms because that’s our day and we do whatever you feel like. If you want to feed, we feed. If you are fussy and want to be in my arms, that’s where I keep you. Because you deserve one day in the week when you get my full attention.

But while my attention on other days may be divided, my affections are not. As a mum, when you have your first child, you discover a completely new dimension of love. And you think you cannot possibly love more. But then you have another child. And maybe more. And with each additional child your love grows, expands. It is never divided, it always multiplies. So fear not my boy, you may have to compete for attention in this house but never ever for love. You are not only loved by mummy and daddy but by your brother and sister as well. They love giving you cuddles and kisses and lie next to you. Now that you’re more aware of your surroundings, you often look at them and get very excited, almost as if you can’t wait to join them in play.

And me? I am just trying to enjoy you right now in this moment. I squish your chubby legs every time I’m changing you. Before I’ll know it, you will get all tall and lanky, like your big brother, with no baby fat left anywhere on your body. So let me enjoy your baby rolls for as long as I can.


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