Enjoying the little things

Spring is here. Officially and otherwise. Last two weeks have been so lovely, sunny, warm, good for the body, mind and soul. Nature is waking up and so are we. Spring feeds my soul. I love bright colours and it is just so beautiful to walk through the parks full of blooming daffodils, apple and cherry trees, magnolias. And we can stay out until dinner (or later) because it’s still light outside.

Life is good. We’re good. It’s 8pm and all three kids are asleep. It’s been a busy day, most of them are, but I can now curl up on the couch with some chocolate ice cream and Diana Krall playing on the computer and I can just be. Have some quiet time. Some me time. Dishes can wait, laundry can wait, the whole world can wait.

David is three months old today. Lara was 2 and a half years yesterday. Samuel will be 4 and a half in less than a month. When? How? In five months we’re about to start a new era – school. I’m in denial. I eat another spoon of ice cream as if that will slow things down.

David is the sweetest and most easy going baby. I am so grateful. We all just want to squeeze him and we take turns having cuddles. I am happy. No matter how much I have on my plate right now, I am oh so happy. Bright and colourful ranunculus on my desk make me happy. Ice cream makes me happy. My family make me happy. What else could I possibly ask for (apart from a few new lenses)?

So I sit here and eat another spoon of ice cream. Just enjoying the little things.

6 Comments on “Enjoying the little things

  1. I do like the words in the brackets: apart from a few new lenses. Just smiling when I read these words. Maja, could I ask what focal length you use most often for your shooting? For example, those in this blog, are they all taken in 35mm or 50mm?

    • Thanks Lei. šŸ™‚ There’s always room for new lenses. All of these pictures in the latest post were taken with my 35mm/2.0 lens which is on my camera 99% of the time.

      • Thank you, Maja. Yes, I can sense the consistency of the feeling that your pictures express. The 35mm length presents beautiful frames. Really enjoy seeing your photos.

      • Sorry, a follow-up issue, overlooked just now. Is your camera full frame? So is 35mm used as 35mm or actually as a narrower length than that? I am asking because I would like to understand why your pictures are always showing a very beautiful sense.

      • Thanks Lei! I shoot with a crop sensor camera, not full frame, so 35mm on my camera is more like a 50mm on a full frame.

  2. Thanks Maja. No wonder your photos seem to be very calm, warm and beautiful.

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