Saturday morning adventures

Once I’m awake in the morning, as in fully awake and communicating with others, I find it hard to go back to sleep. Not that I am often given the chance, anyway. Especially in spring and summer, if I wake up to the sound of the birds chirping outside and the sun streaming through the shutters, that’s it for me. Forget the sleep, it’s a beautiful day outside and too many adventures waiting to be had.

Last two Saturdays were like that. Sunny. Warm. I got up with the kids and I knew I wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible. I love getting out early, when the parks are still fresh and there are lots of runners and cyclists around but not many other visitors. By the time everyone is dressed and fed, David is generally ready for his morning nap. So this morning I put him down for a nap and let hubby have a bit of a lazy morning while I took the older two kids out to Richmond park. How refreshing it is to go out without a buggy and a big changing bag!

I’ve always been a big advocate of spending as much time as possible outside. It’s how I grew up and I have very fond memories of digging around the woods behind the house, climbing trees and collecting little keep sakes. And now I love seeing my kids doing all that. My camera comes out to document these happy moments but also to create space in my camera bag for all sorts of stones, flowers and sticks. By the time we need to head back for lunch, we’ve all had a good run around and I know for sure that at least one little girl will not struggle to take a nap after lunch.

2 Comments on “Saturday morning adventures

  1. Hej, tu se moram pa popolnoma strinjat s tabo. Z vsem. In sej veš, kako je reku Feo: najlepša jutra so zjutraj…

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