Most beautiful spring

Spring has been amazing this year here in England. Full of sun, full of greenery and blooms, full of colour. Anyone who knows me well (and even others might have guessed by now through my photos) knows I am big on colour. My life is hardly ever black and white and so are my photos. I’ve never been shy when it comes to colours – bright, vibrant colours invigorate me, excite me and make me happy.

I’ve been plenty happy this spring. Parks and gardens in our area have put on an amazing colour display. Daffodils, apple and cherry tree blossoms, bluebells, azaleas, camellias, dandelions, tulips… and plenty other flowers and shrubs that I don’t know the names of. We’ve been out and about most days, visiting familiar parks and some new ones with friends.

And now it’s Easter already. Am I the only one feeling like this year is just whizzing by!? Happy Easter everyone!

One Comment on “Most beautiful spring

  1. The pictures are full of beauty, rebirth, vitality, light and life–absolutely breathtaking.

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