Sometimes I wish…

Ester has come and gone. It was a good couple of days spent with our family. I always expect holidays to be restful and they never are. They’re often more challenging than the normal week as playgroups are not in session and if the weather happens to be bad, we’re basically stuck at home with three lively kids. That is about as restful as running a marathon.

Thankfully the weather was quite nice this Easter, so we went out as much as we could. That’s the best way to get a little break in our family – having some time out in fresh air while the kids chase each other and explore the outdoors. David turned four months and he’s been vigorously practicing his rolling over for the last three weeks or so. By now he has pretty much perfected it and will compulsively roll over as soon as you put him down on his back. Even in his little crib. He’s even tried a few times while breastfeeding. It’s fun to watch but it doesn’t really make my life easier as he gets tired after a few minutes on his tummy and then starts to complain. So there is a lot of complaining going on. 🙂

I love my family more than anything in this world. But it’s keeping me, us, very busy. And having no extended family close by basically means that we only get a break those three times a year when we see grandparents. Life with kids is very different. When I used to have a busy week at work, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come, so I could just lie in bed the whole Saturday and read a book or watch TV (not that I ever did but at least I could’ve if I wanted to). Now Saturday is no different than any other day, more often than not, it is busier. And while life with kids is often enormously fun and rewarding, it is also very tiring. I did find myself wishing over the holidays for just one day where William and I could lie in past 7 o’clock. Where just for one day I didn’t have three little people hanging off me, demanding things before I’m even properly awake. Where we could just have one peaceful meal without anyone complaining about not liking potatoes with skin (peel) or spilling juice all over. I was also wishing that evenings were somehow longer (without compromising the amount of sleeping hours) and I had enough time to do everything I want to do. Read a chapter of a book, do some photo editing, go for a run, have a Skype chat with a friend… That I had enough energy by the end of the day to want to do all these things and not just vegetate on the sofa. That I would take just as good a care of myself as I do of the kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond grateful for my beautiful, healthy, lively children. But once in a while everyone needs a break and parenthood is the only “job” that doesn’t come with sick leave or holiday allowance.

I better stop dreaming about these things now and get myself to bed. Because come 7am, I better be ready for another busy day.

P.S.: Do I complain a lot in my personal posts? I think I’m trying so hard not to make my life look like a fairytale (because it ain’t) and paint a wrong picture by just posting the photos that I might have gone a bit too far. Oooops. I need to remember to write about all the fun things too. Like the time when I got a flat tyre while out with all three kids and it took 3 hours to get us towed back home. 😀 My life is in fact pretty great. With a day here and there just for myself and hubby it would actually be pretty perfect. 😉

P.P.S.: Excuse me if my writing is not very coherent. After 8pm my brain’s activity slows down drastically but it’s also the only time I can blog.

P.P.P.S.: Below are some pictures from our recent outings. A few weeks ago I got myself a new lens – 85mm/1.8, so I’ve been trying it out. I love its sharpness and bokeh. It has me lusting after some L glass. These pictures were all taken with it.

This last picture of Samuel and Lara cracks me up. They look like they got lost. “Hey brother, which way do we need to go? Can you see mom or dad? Did they go this way or that way?” 😀

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