Zac is one!

Apart from my own children, little Zac has been one of my most photographed subject. His mummy Becky is a friend of mine and when I was invited to her baby shower over a year ago, I asked her if I could photograph the event as I was trying to get more practice in photography. I took some decent pictures and Becky then asked me to take some pregnancy portraits towards the end of her pregnancy. A week after we took those pictures, Mr Zac made an appearance, surprising his parents two weeks early. A few weeks later I went to see him and took some newborn pictures of him. All of these sessions are documented somewhere on my blog, if you go browsing through the old posts.

This Easter Sunday little Zac turned one. I think I share his parents’ sentiment when I say that I can hardly believe it’s been a year. It feels so very special to have captured pictures of Zac as a baby bump, newborn and now a one year old. He is such a handsome boy with the most amazing blue eyes. He is a real smiler although he was a little shy during our latest photo session. As I know the family personally, I know that Zac has been a true blessing and one of the most easy going babies I have ever met. Happy birthday Zac! I truly hope this was not your last time in front of my camera.

We took these pictures at Isabella plantation in Richmond park which is absolutely stunning this time of year.

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