Dear David

It’s been two months since my last letter to you and boy, you have changed. If you looked quite different from your brother and sister before, you are now a younger copy of your brother. I went looking back through Samuel’s photos when he was this age and I don’t think I’d be able to tell who is who if I wasn’t the one who took the picture. You lost quite a lot of your hair and you now have the typical bald patch at the back of your head. It’s adorable. 

You remind me of Samuel not just visually but also by character. You are very sociable, you love it when people pay attention to you and talk to you. It takes little to make you smile and you’ll chat back as if you had so much to say. And you probably do because you observe everything that goes on in the house and you are one of those babies that can’t stand to miss a thing. We already had to upgrade you from the buggy basket into a big seat because you were miserable in the basket, not being able to see what’s going on on the outside. 

You are a chubby baby and I couldn’t be more in love with your squishy legs. I love squeezing you whenever I get the chance and you giggle because, like me, you’re very ticklish (mind you, I will never EVER let you squish me like this when you’re older). You’re strong, too. You just turned three months when you first rolled over. By now, you are extremely efficient at it, rolling over both ways and you’ll take any opportunity to do so. Including in your space-tight crib, in the middle of the night. You also discovered your feet recently and you love grabbing them and I just find that very cute. You look like a beetle who’s stuck on his back, only you will swiftly roll over as soon as you get bored playing with your toes. 

Speaking of the crib, it’s becoming too small for you and by the end of this month we will put together the cot and move you into your own room. I can’t believe it’s that time already. It’ll be nice for daddy and I to have our room back to ourselves and it’ll be less likely that you’ll get woken up by your brother or sister in the morning but I’ll miss it in a way. It’ll be the end of an era. I am also planning to introduce you to the world of solid food this month. I have a feeling you’ll love it. 

Apart from seeing you grow and thrive, one of the best things has been watching you with your big brother. You two seem to have such a special bond, I tear up every time I watch you two together. Samuel loves you so much and he will say so himself. He loves giving you hugs and talking to you. You seem to adore him and every time he is near by, you stare at him as if he invented milk and anything he does will make you smile and giggle. When he hugs you, you love pulling on his hair or ears and Samuel thinks that is very funny. I can’t wait to see your relationship grow.

And me? I’m just taking in all the fleeting moments. I take time to smell your baby skin, I tickle your baby toes, I love how you hold my finger with one hand while I nurse you. And I take pictures. Lots of them. 


2 Comments on “Dear David

  1. Maja! I am so proud of you! Your work is stunning. Yes, I sound like a gushing mom. Forgive a friend. Couldn’t remember your blog name so I did the unthinkable – GOOGLE! But I’m glad I did. Your kids have grown so much and they look beautifuller each day, if that’s possible! Sooo… next time you’re down south, please can we have a photo session. Uhmm. In Rand. Not Pounds. Just saying 🙂 Lots of love!

    • LALIE!! You’re still alive! 😉 So glad that you had a look on my blog, thank you for your comments. We do hope to make it down south sometime soon, although Cape Town is more on the cards than Jhb. But yes, when we’re near you next time, we’ll definitely do a photo session. In rands. 😀

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