Maternity session: Charru

After I had already booked all my available summer sessions, I got a message from Charru, asking if I would do her maternity session. In case you don’t know, I have a soft spot for maternity sessions. I love them. There is something so beautiful in the joyful expectation of a new family member. Possibly even more so when it’s the couple’s first baby as the joy and excitement are mixed with some fear of the unknown and sometimes the idea of the imminent arrival still doesn’t seem quite real.

So I wasn’t going to say no. The fact that Charru was only 5 weeks from her due date and that she offered to travel to my neck of the woods just made my decision easier. The chosen Saturday the weather was grim and breezy. Not what I was hoping for as we scheduled our session for the evening and in my mind I had planned some dreamy golden photos. My weather app promised that it will clear up at the end of the day but on my way to Richmond park, grey clouds still prevailed. However, just minutes after I got to the location the sky started to clear up and by the time Charru and her husband Vinay arrived, the sun was out. And I bet that from looking at the photos, you’d never have guessed it was a largely overcast day.

Charru and Vinay are expecting their first baby in July and I just might be able to see him or her before I leave for holidays.

3 Comments on “Maternity session: Charru

  1. Just the best! I am speechless and so in love with all the pictures. Thanks Maja x

    • Thank you so much Charru, I’m so pleased that you’re happy with your pictures! I really hope I can meet your baby too! x

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