Family beach trip

It’s been a while since I posted anything personal. I’ve taken a personal picture here and there but I’ve been so busy with photographing clients and editing and posting those photos, that all my personal stuff took a back seat. Which is not a bad thing but I do look forward to our upcoming summer holiday in Slovenia and Croatia where not only will I be shooting for myself but will also have extra hands to help me with the kids.

We are so ready for a holiday. For a few days when William and I can maybe sleep in, have a quiet meal (preferably sitting down) and read a chapter of a book. Books. I used to devour them. Now I honestly can’t remember when I last read any fiction.

In an attempt to get a little break before our long holiday, we decided last minute that we’d spend this past weekend down in Bournemouth. We booked a hotel room (yes, one for all five of us) for one night, so we could stretch it over both days. Everything considered, I’m not sure I can call it a break. Because for it to count as a break, I would have to get some decent sleep, good food and at least 30 minutes where no one needed my help or attention. I got none of these, so I guess it was more a change of scenery.

And the scenery was most certainly different. Beautiful. Refreshing. Dorset has some stunning beaches and we were blessed with good weather. Kids wanted nothing more than a sandy beach and their swimming costumes. Samuel and Lara spent the longest time just holding hands and running down into the sea, only to be chased back by an incoming wave. It was the sweetest sight.

I would have loved to spend a long time just observing from the side, taking photos but when you’re the mum that is just not possible. And as my lovely camera and my shiny new 35L lens don’t mix too well with sea water, sand and sun screen lotion, I rather kept them away. I still got some lovely images and I especially love the colours. They just make me feel all summery.

Now to get through another two weeks before our summer holiday…

10 Comments on “Family beach trip

  1. Plaža je krasna, koliko pa je temperatura vode? Krasne, zelo lepe fotografije, kot vedno 🙂

    • Hvala Mateja, voda je kar hladna, dosti bolj kot v Jadranskem morju. Tako da kopajo se le najbolj pogumni. 🙂

  2. The picture of Lara alone with the sea looks tropical!
    (I’d call it a break if I didn’t have to cook or do the laundry, just pretend the huge pile when we get home is not going to happen)

    • It does, doesn’t it? I wish – just english seaside, I’m afraid. It is very pretty down there though.
      (And you have a good point there. So maybe it was a little break after all.)

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