Summer holiday

We’re back home. As I look at our pictures, wearing my sweater and drinking warm cocoa, it is hard to believe that only days ago we were at the beach in tank tops and sandals. The change from summer to autumn was so tangible this year. I could smell it in the air on the day we arrived back to Slovenia from our seaside retreat in Croatia. The mornings were suddenly crisp and that excitement (or anxiety) of school starting again soon was in the air. I could very well be sentimental because my eldest will be joining the school ranks this year and I still haven’t quite grasped that. There is more than one season changing.

Our holiday was wonderful. Nothing beats spending time with family – except a few days of solitude, maybe. 🙂 But solitude was not to be, I don’t think it’s in my cards in the near future. So I embrace the craziness and I cherish every nap I catch, every solo trip to the supermarket. I didn’t read any books. I didn’t even read a page. There were evenings when I went to bed early because I was so tired. Different scenery sometimes means different challenges. And we all know that the earth would stop spinning if it wasn’t for mums. 😉 Because who else would know how to make baby’s breakfast just right, who else would have milk at the ready, who else would kiss the wounds better, who else would know what each of the kids should wear (and where to find it), who else would get up three times in the night and then take the baby for a walk at 6am?

Truthfully, I didn’t mind the 6am walks. They were good for my soul. It was so peaceful, the sea so still, the light just beautiful. And the smell… a mixture of the sea, pines and sun lotion. My favourite. Of course I always brought my camera along, in case David and I stumbled upon a nice location. And we usually did. As I looked through this year’s photos I captured on holiday I realised how much they reflect our current situation through who’s on them – and who’s not. There is a whole lot of David. Because he was the one who prompted our morning walks (let’s face it, however much I enjoyed them, I would not be wandering around at 6am  if I could stay in bed), because he’s always close to his milk supply, because despite his crazy advancing motor abilities he is still the slowest and because he is just so darn cute. Lara is also quite present because despite being “a big girl”, she is still very much a mummy’s girl. And she doesn’t mind the camera. The one you’ll see the least of is Samuel. He doesn’t care for the camera, in fact, he will run in the other direction as fast as he can (and that is fast!) as soon as he sees me with the camera. Or if he is trapped, he will be sure to make a silly face. And he doesn’t feel the need to be near me (unless I’m buying ice cream). He will always be near the person who is heading into the water or who is willing to kick a football. And that’s not likely to be me.

Three weeks flew by. My eclectic collection of photographs from this summer holiday doesn’t really tell much of a story – or maybe it does if you read in between the pictures.

2 Comments on “Summer holiday

  1. looks amazing and that baby of yours is delicious! I definitely want to visit u guys there after seeing these pictures…spectacular!!!:-)

    • Thank you Taryn! We’d love you guys to join us one year… maybe we’ll do an exchange – you visit us, we visit you. 😉

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