Family session: Hewitts

This past weekend I had my first family session of what is looking to be a busy autumn. I’m so excited that I will get to capture special moments for these families, hopefully in a way that they will want to frame the photos and hang them up in their home. I will admit that I am rubbish at making photo books for my own family (I have so far made one for Samuel’s first year – he is turning 5 next month and we have since had two more children…) but I do print out our photos regularly and I have them hanging all over our house. I have a photo wall in our hallway and even on a tiresome day it cheers me up when I walk into our house and see those beautiful pictures and get reminded of all the good times we’ve had and are yet to have.

On Saturday I met up with the Hewitts, a lovely family of three, plus they brought their granny along. Grandparents are so special, I love seeing my own children bonding with theirs and 13-month old miss Elsie was sure very fond of her granny. She had the biggest smile when she was in her lap. Here are some pictures that we captured that day.

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