Lara is 3

Dear Lara,

You are 3 today. This year has gone by so quickly, possibly because there is so much going on in our house. I knew 2 years was going to be an age with some challenging aspects. I was right. It’s been an… interesting year. A year of new skills, fast increasing vocabulary, many new roles and very strong opinions. And tantrums. Unreserved, full blown, throw yourself on the floor, kick around with your legs tantrums.

The thing is, you might be a sweet girl caught in between two brothers but you sure know how to get the attention. You can be such a chameleon, sweet faced and big eyed at all the right moments and then bossy and pouty lipped the next minute if things don’t go your way. It is quite remarkable, really, how much you have changed since before you were two.

One thing that hasn’t changed though is the fact that you are still a mummy’s girl. I am still your favourite person, your anchor, your go-to person. For everything. It can sometimes be really frustrating when I have my hands full with a million things and you won’t let anyone else help you but me. But deep down it’s also heart-warming. And while I anticipated tears and lots of anxiety from your side when you started nursery, you surprised me and settled in so well. You have also taken on your role as a big sister so well, you can be a great helper when you want to and you genuinely care for and love your baby brother.

You like crafts, dressing up and role play. You obsess about something a lot more than your big brother ever has. This year was definitely a year of Peppa Pig until very recently when Fireman Sam took over. We have reached the phase when you are very opinionated about what you wear and I’m so very thankful that you will get to wear a school uniform when your school time comes. And however much I am trying to dodge the obsession with pink, we’re sailing straight towards it. Princesses, pretty dresses and pink, here we come. And that is fine. After all, you are my only girl, so let’s add some glamour and glitter to mud, fart jokes, torn trousers and superheroes.

I love you baby girl. I am so happy you are in our lives and for your sparkly personality. I am starting to catch glimpses of you as a teenager and while the thought scares me it also makes me excited for the years ahead when we can do all the girly things together. You are becoming more beautiful each year however impossible this may seem. I have done nothing to deserve you and yet you are mine and for this I will be eternally grateful. Happy third birthday gorgeous girl. I love you to the moon and back.


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