Family session: Marais

Almost exactly a year ago I met this family – good friends of mine – in central London, early one Saturday morning for a maternity photo session. We got some lovely pictures and especially the ones on an empty Millennium bridge were pretty memorable –  anyone who’s visited London during the day can attest that it’s rather difficult to stand alone in the middle of Millennium bridge.

A year on and they asked me to do another session at the same location. This time they were coming as a family of three, with their gorgeous little boy Dale who is turning one in a few days. Most people will find it difficult getting up bright and early on a Saturday morning to make it to Millennium bridge by 7.30am, let alone with a baby. But these guys were such troopers, at 7.22 they were happily waving at me as I approached our meeting point near Borough market (sellers there were still setting up their stalls) and they made my early start to the day so worthwhile.

We had a brilliant time walking along Southbank and stopping here and there for pictures. Dale was a star, full of smiles and just at a perfect stage where his bum shuffling is not too fast, so I could easily get a picture of him just where I wanted (that would not be the case with my David).

Here are some of my favourites from our session:


For anyone interested in a session, I would like to say that I am happy to travel into London, as early in the day as you would like me to. 🙂



2 Comments on “Family session: Marais

  1. As always, lovely, Maja! You really seemed to have found “your thing” in the family sessions! It is such a pleasure to stop here on your blog and find new images! Keep it going, I always eagerly await the new photos!!!

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