Samuel is 5

Dear Samuel,

Half a decade ago you came into this world and made me a mother and that will always make you special. I can’t believe you are so big. Tall as an average 6 year old, probably faster and more agile than an average 6 year old, and now a school boy as well. A good month into starting school, I still feel a small knot in my throat every morning I see you in your school uniform. But you’re not phased. Once again you just took everything in your stride with your larger than life personality and those classmates of yours are so lucky to have you in their class. Because with you in the room, there is no place for bad feelings.

You are a ray of sunshine. Yes, you are loud and chatty (I wonder where you got that from?) and a ball of fire but you are also sensitive to others and their moods and you can’t stand seeing anyone sad. You will notice if a girl in your class is wearing her hair in a different way and you will tell her she looks beautiful. You will hold an umbrella for a friend as we walk together from school. One of the girls in your class told her mum in the first week of school that of all the boys in her class she only likes you. She said all the other boys were being rude but you were the only one who was kind. That makes my mama heart swell up with pride. And your teacher noticed after four days that your sport skills are far advanced but then we knew that already.

You love sports and to dad’s delight you are really starting to show an interest in football. You also love construction games like legos and puzzles, when we play memory I have to seriously concentrate to have a chance of winning and you could talk about superheroes all day (and some days you do). You are very observant, like your dad, and will notice any small details that no one else will pay any attention to. You could eat pasta every day for the rest of your life and your world would be pretty perfect if there weren’t any flies or bees in it.

You are the best big brother. Period. Incredibly caring and loving and always mindful of your younger siblings. You love making David laugh and he laughs the hardest when he is with you. And while you’re great at provoking Lara (not a hard thing to do), you will often let her have your things, just so she won’t get upset (she knows it and gladly takes advantage of it).

As for me, I owe you an apology. For the first two years I spent too much time complaining, comparing, wishing you were different. Less busy, a better sleeper, a better eater. Please, forgive me, I was a new mom and when you were born my life was turned upside down in ways I never imagined. I was trying to figure things out as we went along. With you I still do. You are my first born and with you I am always going into an uncharted territory. So we’re often stricter with you as we are trying to set an example for the younger ones to follow. If it helps, I am also a firstborn, so I’ve been there. It’s unfair.

However, I will say today that I am so very proud of you. And I have stopped complaining (for the most part) and I count my blessings every day. You are a handsome boy with an incredibly sweet personality and I am blessed to call you mine. I hope you never change. Happy birthday sweetheart, I hope it’s the best one yet. I love you,


8 Comments on “Samuel is 5

  1. Happy birthday, dear Sami! I hope you are having the best year ever in front of you! I am not surprised to hear about your athletic skills…that was already visible in your crawling skills a long time ago ;-)! I think you have the best Mummy ever and I hope her words will carry you and accompany you in days to come! All the best!!! Andrea

  2. Dear Maya,
    I am friends with William. I was in the same cell group with him in Joburgh and I consider him as my little brother. You are such an inspiration to the extent that I brought a camera to take photos of my family. I hope that I can be a mother like you one day. Thank you for being such an inspiration and God bless. And, happy birthday to Sam – it seems like yesterday when we saw the first photos of him. Congrats to you and Will.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words Nontle. Hopefully we get to meet one day when we’re back in South Africa. Best regards, Maja

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