Family session: Thomas – Duffy

A few months ago Shannon entered the one and only giveaway on my Facebook page ( – come visit me there as well!) so far and won herself a family session. First time around we met in Bushy park but her little boy Ryan wasn’t feeling great that day, darn teeth. After a few minutes we had to agree that we won’t be able to capture the photos we were all hoping to get, so we rescheduled our session.

Many people ask what happens if the weather is bad or someone is ill or the children just aren’t in the mood of having their photos taken on the day of the session. While I try and capture the best photos possible in any given situation and weather, there are times when things just aren’t working out. I want to give you the best photos I can, photos that you will treasure for years to come and if I see that it’s not possible on the day, we will reschedule the session. This doesn’t mean that we won’t go ahead with a session if it’s overcast or frosty, if you forgot to put a special hair clip in your child’s hair or if your child is feeling shy – beautiful photos can be achieved in all of these situations. But sometimes the weather just isn’t playing ball or your child really isn’t himself – in those cases we’ll try again another day. You pay me to capture beautiful images of your family and that is what I will do.

Rescheduling a session can sometimes take a while, depending on my schedule. Shannon and Ian weren’t too concerned about getting summer images, so several weeks passed before we met again. Thankfully, this time Ryan was feeling a lot better – maybe too well even, as he was running around as any curious boy his age would and kept me on my toes throughout the session. πŸ™‚ But we got some lovely pictures, here’s a little preview:

3 Comments on “Family session: Thomas – Duffy

  1. Hiya Maja…
    You’ve done it again. Great photos (for that family to cherish). I love that little bridge or platform… adds a nice dimension to your photos. I really love seeing how you are growing in your skills as a photographer. K

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