Maternity session: Tanja

I’m trying to come up with appropriate words for this blog post and I’m coming up short. This wasn’t really a proper session, more like a run-into-the-woods-in-the-middle-of-a-snow-storm-for-fifteen-minutes-before-my-camera-gets-too-wet-and-dies type of session.

Yet it produced some of my favourite photos ever. There is just so much beauty here, so many things I love.

I love snow. Living on the outskirts of London means I don’t get to see much. So when it snowed in Slovenia during our Christmas holidays, it was pure magic. There are few things more beautiful than being outside in the snow storm and experiencing that vast, quiet whiteness.

I love my little sister. Ok, so she’s not really that little anymore. She is beautiful, never more so than now as her body is changing, adding special curves.

I love my little niece/nephew. This spring I will become an aunt for the first time and I am so very excited. What could possibly be better than being able to enjoy a brand new baby and then being able to hand him/her back when it’s time for a feed (or bed). 😉


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