Family session: Esser

The Esser family is the largest family that I photographed to date. They have six children (including two sets of twins!) with a new baby on the way in April. When we were still discussing when and where to do the session, I was wondering how everything will go, if it will be chaotic. As the weather wasn’t too promising and the parks all look a bit gloomy in the winter, we decided to do the session in London. I was admittedly doubtful that they will arrive on time – God knows that it’s a mission getting three children ready to go out in the winter (from my personal experience), let alone six. However, my doubts were completely unfounded. They walked onto Millennium bridge bang on time, all excited and happy despite the freezing cold weather. We had a lovely time and the children were just amazing. And I know there is no such thing as a super mum but Mariza is as close to that as it gets. Carrying one of her two year old twins on her hip along Southbank, with a 30 week bump and a cold, she still managed to look amazingly beautiful. If that is not a super power, I don’t know what is.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our session.

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