Family session: Chloe & Lottie

I had the best time photographing these two beautiful sisters. We took some photos on a crisp winter morning in Bushy park, so they could use them as a Mothers’ day present for their mum. Sisters are just a little bit special and these two have a wonderful bond. Watching them reminded me of my younger sister and I as there is a similar age gap between them and us two.

I don’t think there is a mum out there who wouldn’t love nice pictures of her children. If you are looking for a special present for your mum, a session like this may just be the way to go. Or gift her one of my photography session gift cards, so she can be in the photos too!

Thanks Chloe and Lottie, this was so much fun and you guys are the cutest!

2 Comments on “Family session: Chloe & Lottie

  1. A sister session! Really like the idea! Particularly like the portrait shots in the end and 10, 11, 12, the series with alternating focus! The atmosphere is great, a little subdued in color, but it seems that it is exactly that which gives all the attention to the sisterhood!
    Can’t wait for your next pictures (checking very often on the blog)!!

    • Thank you Andrea! This was such a fun session. I post more regularly on my FB page than I do here as some of my clients don’t want their sessions posted on the blog. But I have quite a few sessions coming up in spring, including Rachael’s wedding next month, so there should be lots of activity on the blog too. xx

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