Family session: Culm

Spring time really is one of the prettiest seasons for photo sessions. Daffodils, camellias, cherry and apple tree blossoms all make for very beautiful backdrops.

The Culm family session had two parts to it. We first met at the beginning of March, when winter was still reluctantly giving the reins over to spring. The parks were still mostly bare and muddy but we did find some pretty snowdrops. The greenery was a perfect backdrop for little Sienna (16 months) who has the most gorgeous ginger curls. However, after a few portraits Sienna decided she has had enough and no one could convince her otherwise. It’s not the first time this has happened at a session, one year olds are often quite unpredictable, especially if they are teething and if they had a restless night as that could mean that they get tired a lot quicker, even if they normally only nap after lunch.

So we decided it was best to postpone the session and we met again this past weekend. And it was probably for the better as all the parks are now rich with flowers and blooming trees. And Sienna was just brilliant this time around, very happy and easy going. We got some lovely photos, here are my favourites:




2 Comments on “Family session: Culm

  1. Oooh, kako lepa puncka! In zadnja fotka je …. Ma brez besed sem!

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