Newborn session: Miles

A month after I photographed their lovely maternity session, the Keelings welcomed their son into the family. Big sisters Poppy and Elodie now have a baby brother Miles to help look after. When I went to see them for their newborn session, Miles was only 3 days old. Talking about brand new! He is the sweetest little thing and I couldn’t believe how alert he was while still so little. I was expecting him to be asleep most of the time, yet he was wide awake for the most part of the session. His sisters just adore him and were so sweet with him, although it was also fun to see (for me, anyway) the chaos that comes with three little ones under the age of five. 🙂 Oh, memories.

Congratulations Phil and Amy, Miles is gorgeous and you are truly blessed with three healthy, beautiful children.





One Comment on “Newborn session: Miles

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