Newborn session: Evie

There is something so special about newborn sessions. The atmosphere of excitement and joy, parents with heavy eyes that despite of an interrupted routine beam with pride and love and a tiny new baby in the middle of it all. However small and fragile, her presence fills the house and demands the centre stage. No matter whether it’s the first child or the fourth, it is always special. I feel so very privileged to be able to come and share in this atmosphere for a few hours and capture some special, intimate family moments. They will be cherished by the parents and the baby as the years go by and the memories fade.

I captured Ellie’s baby bump a few weeks back in a lovely maternity session. If I remember correctly, today was her due date but baby Evie had different plans and surprised them two weeks early and with a speedy arrival. I met her at 10 days old and she couldn’t be any cuter with her soft spiky hair. Everyone got their turn to cuddle her (myself included!) and it was so lovely to see big brother Harry holding her with such careful adoration. And since I try to include the whole family, one of the two family cats got to pose next to Evie as well. 🙂

Ellie, Adam and Harry – big congratulations on Evie’s arrival, you are such a beautiful family!





2 Comments on “Newborn session: Evie

  1. Maja your words and photography are equally beautiful. We’re looking forward to having you over again ! Thank you x

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