Things I want to remember…

Dear David,

I have been watching you closely recently and you are growing so fast. You are 17 months old now and just a ray of sunshine. This age between one and two years old has to be one of my favourites – it combines my favourite remnants of babyhood (baby chub and naps, mainly) with the growing independence, mobility and learning. I just love everything about it. (Ok, maybe not the teething. But pretty much everything else.) Having gone through this phase with your brother and sister already, I know better than to think that years from now I will be able to remember what you were like and what you looked like at this stage. So I made a little list of things that I want to remember:

I love that your cheeks wobble when you run.

I love that you stroke your hair when you are tired, even when your hands are covered with pasta sauce from dinner.

I love that you always hold on to my pony tail when I cary you, it is probably the only reason I still haven’t cut my hair.

I love how you blow me a kiss when you are off to bed.

I love that you break into dancing as soon as you hear an upbeat rhythm. And that you have way better moves at one than I do at thirty-two.

I love that you take your left sock and shoe off every time you have to sit in the buggy or a car seat.

I love that you can kick or throw a ball with a precision of a 3 year old. And that you consider every round object a ball, including a mandarine.

I love that you are taking your time to speak because God knows your big brother and sister are talking my ears off every single day.

I love your bear hugs, when you squeeze really close to me.

I love that you are nearly done with teething (and that your teeth currently resemble the Himalayas).

I love your crazy bedhead and I cannot bring myself to give you a haircut.

I also took some photos the other day when we went to Petersham nurseries for cake and you left me none.


And a few more one day after you woke up from your 3 hour nap and were full of beans. Your cheeky grin is everything. ❤

I love you to the moon and back.


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