Night out in London town

I absolutely love photographing my clients and I’ve had many beautiful sessions this year already but I equally love getting out there with my camera and no expectations whatsoever to what I am going to capture. It’s a great way to practice and just try out ideas without worrying that I won’t deliver anything good.

When my friend Nina told me she was coming to London for a few days with her boyfriend Nejc and that they would love to see me, I told her that I’ll come and meet them in the city for a walk – and that I’ll bring my camera too. Last night was one of those glorious summer evenings that we long for most of the year, warm, with sun spilling through old London streets, kissing the pretty white facades. I asked Nina and Nejc to meet me outside Holland park. I’m not even sure why I picked that area as I have never been there before in all my seven years of London living. I just figured that we can’t go wrong with the area where quirky Notting Hill meets glamorous Kensington. And I was right. We wandered up and down random streets and every corner we turned seemed to look like a postcard. I was able to talk Nejc and Nina into getting in front of my camera for a few photos and I love what we got.

As the sun dipped lower and we started to lose light, we walked through Holland park on our way (ultimately) back home. The park was pretty empty, aside from a couple that was walking just in front of us. Her all in white and he in a suit, they looked like they had just got married. Half way through the park, the couple stopped and asked us if we could take a photo of them with their phone. They looked happy and absolutely beautiful and they confessed that they did indeed just get married. My first thought was that it would be truly sad if they only had an underexposed iPhone photo of their wedding day and since I had my camera on me, I told them that I could do them one better. So in five minutes and with the last of the sun behind them, I took a few photos as a memory of their special day. Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. I left them my email address and promised to send them the photos. I never asked their names, in fact, I knew absolutely nothing about them, it didn’t matter. All that mattered to me was that I was able to capture for them a few portraits that will hopefully serve as a treasured memory and that I made someone happy. For me, that was just the best way to end my evening out (that and some yummy ice cream and a good chat with my friends).

The bride, Shelby, did get in touch and it is with her permission that I share these photos.

Do they look beautiful or what? Shelby and Edward, many congratulations and I wish you all the happiness in your marriage.

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