Maternity session: Alexis

If everything goes according to plan, Alexis and Gary should welcome their new baby to the world this week. They haven’t found out baby’s sex during the pregnancy, so their excitement and anticipation must be pretty high right now. To be honest, I am just as curious whether their new baby will also have such striking ginger hair as their gorgeous, not yet 2 year old daughter Ruby. 🙂

I met the Anstey family first at a local forest for some family photos and after that we headed back to their home for some intimate maternity photos. Alexis was my first client who asked to have some more intimate maternity photos taken. I pretty much leapt for joy at the opportunity since I’ve been wanting to do such a session for some time. I am only sharing on here a couple of photos but goodness, did that whole set of photos turn out beautiful. I would absolutely love to do more sessions like this and I hope more expectant mums opt for it in the future.

I am looking forward to hearing from Alexis about the arrival of their new family member and even more so to be seeing them again soon for a newborn session.


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