Family session: Sotinwa

Family sessions with Sotinwas are becoming an annual thing – and how happy that makes me! They are such a beautiful and joyful family, a real pleasure to be around. The mum, Tanaka, always looks gorgeously stylish and as far as I am concerned she should put running after toddlers in ten inch platforms (and making it look effortless) on her CV. It is certainly a skill (one that I definitely do not possess). I first photographed them two years ago when their son Judah was born and we have met for a session every summer since (see last year’s session here). Morayo-Hope (4) and Judah (2) both just celebrated their birthdays, only days apart, so these family sessions are a great way to commemorate the events.

We met in Windsor which is about half way between us and is such a dream location with the royal Windsor castle, beautiful architecture, cobbled streets, pretty tea houses and the long walk leading up to the castle. In the evening, just before sunset, the light was so perfect and it made everything look even prettier. I totally understand when clients with young children don’t want to do a photo session so late in the day, especially in the summer when the sun only goes down after 9pm. But sometimes with some careful planning and maybe an extra day time nap, an evening session with young children is possible and so worth while – in the end, it will only be one evening of a broken routine but the beautiful photos will last a life time. Tanaka and Kola totally managed to pull it off since Morayo-Hope and Judah were happily playing and smiling all the way through the session without any upsets and we only finished at 9.30pm.  Just look at the photos – smiles all around!


When Tanaka is not busy styling or chasing after her kids or moving houses, she writes a hillarious parenting/style blog What I wore, What mummy wore. Go have a look, it’s a great read.


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