Couple session: Young

Surrey is full of beautiful parks, estates and gardens –  you probably noticed that if you have been following my photography work for some time as most of my sessions are done in our local parks. One of my favourite are RHS Wisley gardens. I go there often with my kids but I haven’t done any sessions there recently as I find them too crowded for a photo session and during the summer months they close too early for a sunset session. When I was there some days ago, I noticed that they were going to extend their opening time till 9pm for one evening this summer and it coincided with a gloriously sunny day. I just knew that I had to go and take some photos. So I put out a search on my Facebook page for a couple who would be willing to get some photos taken.

One of the people who got in touch was Sarah. She said her husband of three years, Alex and her never had an engagement session done and they would love to get some photos taken. And that the day of the proposed session happened to be her birthday. How could I say no? On top of that, they turned out to be a gorgeous, fun couple and I could not have asked for better models for the session. Wisley didn’t disappoint either and we caught the last bit of sunshine among pretty blossoms and by the time they were closing, we were the last ones there.

Sarah and Alex, thank you for coming along and I hope you enjoy your ‘engagement’ photos.

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