Newborn session: Isabelle

Just as much as I loved their maternity session, I also loved doing the Hewitt’s newborn session with their new baby girl Isabelle. When Emily first told me that she is expecting again and that she would love to have me take some newborn photos of her new baby, we were both unsure how it will work out since her due date was just days before my 3 week holiday. We both really wanted to capture their transition to a family of four in the very early days but chances were that the baby would arrive once I went away and would already be nearly a month old by the time I got back.

In the end, little Izzie had her timing down perfectly. She arrived over a week early, so I was able to come and meet her when she was still very new at 5 days old. She is the most beautiful baby and will grow up to be a beauty like her big sister Elsie (who turned two just a few days later), no doubt. At the beginning of the session Elsie was still a little shy but once she warmed up it was all fun and games (I am yet to meet a toddler who doesn’t love bouncing on mummy’s and daddy’s big bed).

Thank you Emily and James for asking me once again to come and capture some precious memories for you. You have the most beautiful family (and house!).


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