Wedding: Kaja & David

When Kaja and David asked me several months ago if there is a chance that I could photograph their wedding in Slovenia this August, I was thrilled that their wedding date coincided with our holiday and I was able to say yes. I’ve been looking forward to this event for so long, even more so when she told me it’ll be held in one of Slovenia’s beautiful wine regions.

I’ve never been to Prlekija region before. As we drove closer towards the wedding location, my husband and I stopped several times to just admire the view of the beautiful green rolling hills, covered in vineyards and pretty houses in between. What a sight! It was a sunny, hot day, one of many that Slovenia experienced this summer and I knew there and then that we were up for a truly beautiful day. The entire wedding – from bride and groom getting ready to the reception – was held in one location, at Dvorec Jeruzalem. Located right at the top of one of those rolling hills and surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye could see, they could not have chosen a better place to get married. And it was much more relaxing not having to rush from one place to another, especially in that heat (it was 35 degrees that afternoon). Instead, the groom got ready in his best man’s room and the bride in their wedding suite and they both only had to walk down the stairs to walk to the ceremony location.

Both, the ceremony and the reception that followed, were held just outside Dvorec Jeruzalem in a beautiful afternoon light with the sun starting to make its descent. After the ceremony and family portraits, we took some time alone with Kaja and David for their couple portraits. That was probably the first time when they were able to slow down, breathe, soak in the moment and fully realise that they were now husband and wife. And it was beautiful to witness the love and happiness that they both exuded.

Afterwards we returned to Dvorec to continue with the reception as the sun slid behind the hills. The night was still young and the band was warming up for the party afterwards. After dinner Kaja and David opened the dancefloor with their first dance as husband and wife and while surrounded with all their loved ones, their eyes were locked on each other. Others soon joined them and the dancing continued long into the night – long after I left.

Thank you so much, Kaja and David, for having me along on your special day. It was an unforgettable day and I hope these photos will keep it fresh in your minds for the years to come.

2 Comments on “Wedding: Kaja & David

  1. Thank you again Maja for capturing every single moment so perfectly! We couldn’t have asked for better photographer for the most important day of our lives. Your talent is unbelievable ❤

    • Najlepsa hvala, Kaja! Mi res orgomno pomeni, da sta zadovoljna s fotografijami. Se enkrat hvala, da sta me izbrala za vajino fotografinjo, krasno je bilo! ❤

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