NEW Website is live!

I am excited to tell you that I have launched a brand new website a few days ago. From now on all my recent work and blog posts can be found at This website will still be functional for a while longer to serve as my archive but will eventually be shut down.

Thank you so much for visiting and showing an interest in Maja Tsolo Photography. I trust that you will enjoy my new website, if you have any comments, questions or would like to book a session, email me at



Wedding: Kaja & David

When Kaja and David asked me several months ago if there is a chance that I could photograph their wedding in Slovenia this August, I was thrilled that their wedding date coincided with our holiday and I was able to say yes. I’ve been looking forward to this event for so long, even more so when she told me it’ll be held in one of Slovenia’s beautiful wine regions.

I’ve never been to Prlekija region before. As we drove closer towards the wedding location, my husband and I stopped several times to just admire the view of the beautiful green rolling hills, covered in vineyards and pretty houses in between. What a sight! It was a sunny, hot day, one of many that Slovenia experienced this summer and I knew there and then that we were up for a truly beautiful day. The entire wedding – from bride and groom getting ready to the reception – was held in one location, at Dvorec Jeruzalem. Located right at the top of one of those rolling hills and surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye could see, they could not have chosen a better place to get married. And it was much more relaxing not having to rush from one place to another, especially in that heat (it was 35 degrees that afternoon). Instead, the groom got ready in his best man’s room and the bride in their wedding suite and they both only had to walk down the stairs to walk to the ceremony location.

Both, the ceremony and the reception that followed, were held just outside Dvorec Jeruzalem in a beautiful afternoon light with the sun starting to make its descent. After the ceremony and family portraits, we took some time alone with Kaja and David for their couple portraits. That was probably the first time when they were able to slow down, breathe, soak in the moment and fully realise that they were now husband and wife. And it was beautiful to witness the love and happiness that they both exuded.

Afterwards we returned to Dvorec to continue with the reception as the sun slid behind the hills. The night was still young and the band was warming up for the party afterwards. After dinner Kaja and David opened the dancefloor with their first dance as husband and wife and while surrounded with all their loved ones, their eyes were locked on each other. Others soon joined them and the dancing continued long into the night – long after I left.

Thank you so much, Kaja and David, for having me along on your special day. It was an unforgettable day and I hope these photos will keep it fresh in your minds for the years to come.

Newborn session: Isabelle

Just as much as I loved their maternity session, I also loved doing the Hewitt’s newborn session with their new baby girl Isabelle. When Emily first told me that she is expecting again and that she would love to have me take some newborn photos of her new baby, we were both unsure how it will work out since her due date was just days before my 3 week holiday. We both really wanted to capture their transition to a family of four in the very early days but chances were that the baby would arrive once I went away and would already be nearly a month old by the time I got back.

In the end, little Izzie had her timing down perfectly. She arrived over a week early, so I was able to come and meet her when she was still very new at 5 days old. She is the most beautiful baby and will grow up to be a beauty like her big sister Elsie (who turned two just a few days later), no doubt. At the beginning of the session Elsie was still a little shy but once she warmed up it was all fun and games (I am yet to meet a toddler who doesn’t love bouncing on mummy’s and daddy’s big bed).

Thank you Emily and James for asking me once again to come and capture some precious memories for you. You have the most beautiful family (and house!).


School’s out!

This past Tuesday my big boy completed his first year at school. It has been a year full of learning – for me just as much as for him. He has made our transition to school parents very easy and smooth by embracing his new status with excitment and enthusiasm, much like he embraces everything else. There was not a single day this past school year that he didn’t zealously get ready for school and run into the classroom with a grin and too fast for me to plant a kiss on his cheek. He didn’t know a single person when he started and yet within days he had a classroom full of friends. To say that he adjusted well would be an understatement.

For me, it was quite a learning curve. Partly, because it was my first year as a school mum and partly because I didn’t attend school in England and I found a few things quite novel. As Samuel learnt to read English, in a way, so did I. Since I was well able to read by the time I learnt English as a teenager, I found it quite daunting to help Samuel do both at the same time. It sure is a lot easier to learn how to read Slovenian compared to English.

With a school schedule to follow, our mornings became a lot more rushed, breakfasts half eaten, me getting ready between each two spoons of cereal that I fed David. Oh, the dreaded rainy mornings when we all needed rain jackets and wellies and umbrellas and our walk to school took twice as long. Still, the year went by really quickly, especially after winter rolled by. His energy supply seems limitless but I could tell in the past few weeks that Samuel was ready for a long break. And so was I. Despite our house now being extra loud and busy with big brother at home, it is so wonderful to slowly ease out of bed in the morning and serve breakfast without worrying that everyone is still in their PJs.

The photos posted here really don’t have anything to do with this past year at school but I haven’t posted any personal photos in a while. Now that I am a lot busier with photographing clients, I just don’t have as much zeal or energy to lug my big camera around when I go out with my kids. And I think they really appreciate that. 🙂 Yesterday we visited a lavender farm near by and I threw my camera bag in the car at the last minute, thinking it could be a good opportunity to grab a few portraits. I thought that kids won’t mind as I haven’t taken their photos in some time but Lara told me after the first two photos I took of her: “Mummy, that’s enought photos for today.” Hmmm, ok then. Thankfully, David is still pretty unaware of the camera apart for all the awesome buttons that he’d love to play with. When he starts displaying the photographer’s child syndrome we’ll just have to have another baby. 😀

In a few days we’ll be off to Slovenia and Croatia for a few weeks and we’re all looking forward to it. While we’re that side, I’ll be photographing another wedding and it promises to be a beautiful event at a beautiful location. So along with some of our holiday photos, I will have other exciting things to share when we’re back. I am also currently working on a new website and I am hoping to have it live by the end of the summer. I can’t wait to show it to you!

Anyway, here are my three pickles at the lavender farm. Surprisingly, we all came home unscathed, considering how zealously David kept poking all the bumblebees.

Newborn session: Brodie

A month after meeting the Anstey family for their maternity session, I was back at their house. This time I came to meet their new baby, a darling boy called Brodie who was 2 weeks old on the day. He is darker than his big sister Ruby but equally gorgeous. Ruby was very sweet and affectionate towards him and we had a great session full of smiles and cuddles. Brodie was pretty alert for the most part and I loved capturing him gazing at his mum’s face as if he was trying to memorize all her features. In those early days the bond between a mum and her newborn is just so special. Here are some of my favourites from the session: